For more than 20 years OceanGrown Inc. has been delivering mineral solutions to growers across the globe allowing them to maximize their crop production while reducing expensive inputs. OGI products are all true solutions that can be applied in-furrow, via drip, and as a foliar.
Greater Yield : When a plant’s genetic potential is optimized output will be at its greatest.
N-P-K COST SAVINGS : Crops require less macro-nutrients when there is a solid mineral foundation.
Disease and Pest Resistance : Given the right nutrition, a plant’s immune system becomes more effective at adapting to increased pest and weather pressure. Fast Absorption : Iconic solutions allow for instant nutrient uptake via roots or foulage. Nutrients can move up to 10X faster via the foliage then roots.
GO ORGANIC: Ocean-Grown manufactures a full line of products certified by OMRI for Organic Production. Direct from the Manufacturer: We offer steep discounts for bulk purchases. 

Animal Feed

The livestock/feed industry is well versed on the benefits of mineral rich nutrition and has therefore, become one of OceanGrown Inc's largest markets. OGI products can be added to the drinking water, used as top dress, and/or sprayed on food plots for cattle, swine, equine, cervids, chickens, goats, fish and pets. Shown below, Mineral-Max is currently our best selling animal feed product.


Hydroponics, aquaponics and greenhouse farming are emerging as the future for sustainable food production. OceanGrown Inc. (OGI) delivers a complete organic mineral foundation for grower to create the most delicious and nutrient rich crops possible in soil-less conditions. Growers can use OGI products both in root and foliar applications.


This UNIQUE solution has provided products for professional landscaping and golf course maintenance companies since 2001. OGI strives to give professionals the opportunity to maintain healthy and lush landscapes year-round without harming the environment with toxic chemicals. OGI also delivers high performing fertigation systems to automize the fertilizing process.
Better Looking Landscapes When landscapes have a full spectrum of minerals to choose from, they grow thicker, greener, and can better defend themselves from climate and pest stress.
Root Growth OceanGrown solutions promote root growth. Strong and beautiful turf comes through proper nutrition. Grasses can absorb 90 different elements. This allows them to optimize their genetic potential.
Spray and Play Safe for kids and pets to play on the lawn immediately after application.
Fertilizer Ban Approved OceanGrown Inc. makes fertilizers that can be used legally during Nitrogen and Phosphorous fertilizer bans.
Fertigation OceanGrown offers fully automated irrigation injection systems through its partnership with EZ-FLO.
Custom Fertilizer Blends OceanGrown Inc. offers customized fertilizer blends for premium commercial customers. Custom blends reduce the hassle of managing a handful of different inputs for the end user.

Home & Garden

Ocean-Grown Inc. currently has a seperate website for all online retail solution and fertility equipment purchases. Please visit to see more about our retail offerings, and check the products listed below.

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